Real-Time-Communication in vvvv/vl?


Hey folks,

I searched the net but I only could find some older posts which didn’t really give me some satisfying results.

Is it possible to stream/broadcast my webcam video & audio to build something like a little skype?

I found packages like Spout TCP for textures and a possibly working VST plugin solution for audio but that doesn’t really feel like a sound solution.

Has somebody already gained some experience (or better found a solution) in/for this topic or knows some C# library/plugin working with vvvv?

Would be very thankful!



i fear there is no all in one implementation. but someone might correct me if im wrong.
so i guess its better to separate the audio part into separate application like soundjack or max (not sure if there is such streaming option)

from my perspective ndi would be the way to go inside v4/vl but needs quite some efforts. i´ve made some promising tests on the video site but getting the audio synchronized within the stream will be a challenge.


Thank you very much for your input on this!

Did you try SoundJack once? The use doesn’t look pretty straight-forward. But did I understand correctly that the selected audio-channels are directly broadcast to the LAN? Does it also work with remote peers outside the local net? And in which form does the receiver access the audio stream? Is there some virtual audio in?

Concerning video there is some Spout to NDI package. I should try that.

Best regards