Real maximum resolution with Matrox TH

Just a simple question: how does it come that although my graphic card is supposed me able to drive maximum 1600x1200px resolution, I can drive a Matrox TH2Go @3072x768 ?

odd one indeed. Noticed it a while back but never understood it. Even the new NV 580 says 2560x1600 max digital resolution in it’s spec.

You can even get more than 3072x768. Under XP you can span two 3h2gs and get 6144x768 for instance. You can go even further and get 10080 x 1050 (6x 1680 x 1050) @ 60Hz.

matrox resoultions

With the tripleheads Digital and DP editions you can run 3 displays at fullHD resolution. (3 x 1920 x 1080) 5760 x 1080. That’s a 6,2k image !!

I guess they’re using some king of signal hacking/encoding to bypass the max output resolution, but yes it’s quite weird…