Reading an .asx or .pls file from the web?

hey guys -

i’m trying to setup an all-in-one patch that’ll do a few various tasks, and one of them is to play some of my favorite internet radio stations…

…but i can’t seem to figure out how to get FileStream to accept a .pls or an .asx, even.

is this even possible?



nope. filestream cannot read .pls or .asx files.

well, crud.

hmm…any kind of OTHER way to go about it?

you can extract file locations with Reader (File)

the internet explorer component in the Renderer (HTML URL) might be able to play these files with (or without) a plugin.

Could the Renderer (Flash) be of any help?

if you find an mediaplayer program which can be started via the command line, you can call it via ShellExecute (Windows) .