Reader (String) and relative paths

In beta 29.2, the reader does not accept relative file paths (probably because of the reader’s sub-patch-structure).
In 28.2 it worked.

This happens, when vvvv does not know that what comes is a path (in my case because I put a “+” node in between). See attachment.

Cheers Elio (887 Bytes)

hei elio,

true, thats a breaking change, but for your understanding: when combining strings to a path, please now use MakePath (String) (of addonpack). you can change its input count and thus use it instead of a + (String). MakePath deals with slashes in paths and by default prepents the patchs-path, which is what you’ll most likely want.

Yessss, this MakePath Node with multiple inputs is just what i need here. That helps.
And of course, it helps to set the IO node with the relative filename to type “filename” (which I did not).

As I understand now, this is not a bug, but a change that can break things when they’re not well-patched.

So is it right to say that relative paths should as a best practice be converted to absolute paths before letting them into the node does the file-access?

if you’re choosing a path via file-selector in an iobox vvvv will assume it relative but then automatically resolve it to absolut. so basically the idea is that you only have to makepath when creating paths from strings.