Read and Write Objects Issue

Not sure if this is a bug, or I’m not doing something correctly, but I am tyring to serialize some settings, and pull them back with deserialize.

I’ve been modifying the HowTo Read And Write Objects, I’ve attached an example, perhaps I am doing something wrong with my patch.

HowTo Read And Write Objects - Original.vl (41.6 KB)

Interestingly if I opened the above patch without any other patches open its working, but now that I’ve added a boolean to this it’s not now… HowTo Read And Write Objects - Original 2.vl (79.6 KB)

This is pretty confusing…

If I load the patch and hit read immediately, I get a pink boarder around the Deserialize, and from that point forward Deserialize doens’t seem to work. The only way I can get things to work again is by closing gamma completely, and reloading the patch.

Try the attached patch, which is stripped right back.

HowTo Read And Write Objects - Original 4.vl (40.6 KB)

It doesn’t work because the file- (document) name contains “invalid characters”.
It works after removing the spaces and the minus-sign. I guess those would need to be escaped during serialization (but are not).

We just recently (days) came across this one as well. The root issue was that classes defined inside the App patch did get that weired category (made out of the document name containing spaces etc) the type parsing can’t deal with. In latest previews this will no longer be the case - such classes/patches will get the category of the document. Basically as if you would’ve placed them in the Definition patch.

One other thing - what version did you use? Because the issue surfaced differently in latest stable and recent previews.

Im using 342, I was trying out 351 but notices elementa seems to be broken in that one, so have gone back to 342.

Thanks for the above, was a real head scratcher!

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