Reactable "sound part"?

Hi dudes, how could i produce sound with vvvv?, i mean, i trying to make my own “reactable”, just for fun and learning, already i can track fiducials and im building a “touch surface”, with a glass, some leds…bla bla bla, but for the sound part…mmm, i dont know, im trying to send signals from vvvv to ableton, midi and midiox are very usefull but the OSC is fancy too, i mean, i want make a synthetizer in vvvv what i can control it with fiducials, gestures and sensors using arduino, its that possible? or i must use another software?

To my opinion you could have much better results using a software that was designed to produce sound instead.

definitely. producing sound is not yet an integral part of vvvv. vvvv might come in handy when turning your input devices into osc commands for pd, for example.

=(, so…pd is so ugly, but it has some tools like vvvv, like ADSR, oscillator, wavesharper, etc…any node to make sound? a signal, wave, i dont know.

and in your opinion what software should i use for that?.. in this web a very smart guy wrote something…

pd knows everything that max msp knows except some gui things
its easier to communicate with it from vvvv
and yeah its ugly but who cares?
why dont you run through the pd manual and sample patches and it will all be clear in a day (or two)

Well if u wanna produce sounds i suggest u Reaktor, native instruments, it’s not an opensource software, neither free, thought it is just built do what u need.

Actually i use it besides other application making them talk by OSC protocol, reaktor OSC support is very handy.

Referring to reactable…with reaktor what u need is already done, just drag it and connect it :)

=), dudes, its a lot of work, lol…seems be like this, visuals and interface using vvvv, PureData to build a custom synth and arduino for some controls for visuals and audio, like an arduino Theremi…mmm, what you think?

The Reaktor has a very convenient OSC configuration table, but i dont understan well what kind of messages can a i send and how, i what send…eg the orientation (rotation) of a fiducial to control the volume. how?

and how is the connection of PureData with vvvv? OSC, MIDI? a best way?.


dudes, its a lot of work,

Building a reactable well designed needs some works yes !
Dealing with sound needs some work and patience too.

and how is the connection of PureData with vvvv? OSC, MIDI? a best way?.

Again depends of your needs.
I’ll go for OSC mainly because it’s 300 times faster than midi (ref osc specification) and it’s very convenient (ie namespaces) to use. You could also sends data using udp (viktor made a patch showing that).

But building a synth needs some sound theory basis.

Worse a reading dspguide & puckette’s book.

Good luck.


Do we have to use the UDP to send or receive data with the OSC …?
It’s not really clear for me so if someone could help to understand it , it could be great !


OSC is a transport independant protocol that mean you can either use udp or tcp. But most times udp is more convenient because it’s a datagram protocol well suited to transport osc packets.

the WavePlayer in vvvv is quite powerful in its looping, wavetable and granular synthesis powers.

or wait and start collecting vst plugins next to your freeframe folder.

Dudes… when i try to load the WavePlayer node it collapses…bad thing…

What you think about Processing and what posibilities you see using Processing and vvvv together?

dude, the waveplayer is regrettably bugged out in beta 14; but it works fine in earlier versions.

(but i don’t know about Processing and Sound …)


I won’t go for processing for sound but that’s a personnal opinion.

First, Processing is not graphical programming (unlike vvvv, PD, MAX/MSP) it’s textual programing and based over java. It’s easy to learn the syntax. Like vvvv it was not design for sound synthesis. Some user made some third party libraries that can analyse sound, trigger samples etc. It works for simple purpose but you definitively can’t use that for complex sound installation or sound processing.

Again it depends of your needs…

Hum, does vvvv supports asio protocol/drivers ?

no asio in vvvv but WavePlayer will be at your service again >beta14

Ok, ive been studying Processing for a couple of days and my head hurts and maybe ill die soon, the Mathematics are beatifull but my head is math-proof…

I have a friend who is working with me in this proyect, he is already studying PureData on his own to make a synthetizer, PureData is fantastic in the sound part, now my part is in the visuals, i have seen amazing things in Processing and when your reads about its logic you find very common references about vvvv works, my question is this, have Processing something what vvvv doesnt?, i want make fancy-crazy visuals and interactive-video-instalations with Arduino, may i choose between VVVV and Processing? or should i broke my head in all those numbers?, you know i am not a believer but vvvv seems to good to be true, so accesible in some levels, im so confuse about this.