Re-sort nodes' output pins placement

Hi everybody, is there a method to set up the order of output pins?

Do you mean the output pins of the real vvvv nodes?

Pretty sure that is hard coded, but why you want to change that?

It is not very logic if one time the output is left, and the other time it is somewhere else…

When i have a patch with like 100 ouput pins (it’s for a midi controller configuration subpatch) it’s pretty hard finding the right pin you’re looking for if you import that patch in another one. In my logic, having some kind of sorting (like sort in ascending order) could be helpful.

So you refer to the usage of IOBoxes and their appearance as pins in their parent patch.
In this case both in- and outputs are simply sorted by the relative horizontal position in the patch…

100 Outputs? Do you know Spreads?
Anyway: reading this a second time can’t be too wrong…

For your question: the pins are outputted in the order (left to right) you have placed them in your subpatch/module. So drag them around and the order will change.

You don’t need 100 output pins, just keep all the values in a spread (or make some groups for the different types of sliders/buttons) and use a getslice, right before you need them.

Or you can use S and R nodes, like @karistouf)) did. I would really suggest to check this contribution, it is clean nice and easy: ((contribution:akai-lpd8-subpatch

Thanks to all your replies. I’m pretty new in VVVV and i still have to learn a lot. I try to clean up my patch following your advises :)

Of course there was an official patch here:
…but not anymore :(

@hiroj: you can contact digital slaves via i’m sure they’ll provide that patch if you ask them politely. ;)

Well i’ve already made my own patch for this, i’ve grouped all pins by spreads. There’s just a thing i can’t figure out how to implement: jogs.

Jogs? Like an infinity rotary potentiometer?

edit: but new questions, make new posts.