Raw nodes - heavy?

Has anyone noticed the nodes for manipulating raw type (like +, cons, select) are much heavier than manipulating the same data as strings?

I’ll make a patch to demo this but just wanted to check if it’s a known issue

here is a patch to demonstrate to y’all

Hungry raw nodes nom nom.v4p (10.3 kB)

yes they’re heavier but remember that every slice in a raw spread is a sequence of bytes, not just one byte. one slice can easily carry a whole image for example. what your patch does is comparing one sequence of characters to a thousand sequences of one byte.

in general you should avoid high spread counts when dealing with raw (same as with string). they were designed to carry large amount of data in one slice and not splitting the data in thousands of one byte sized mini slices. if you need to do that, use the normal value pin.