Randomize Spreads

What is the best way to have the ability to randomize a spread?

For example if i have a circular spread of points displaying a circle in the renderer, how would u patch it so those points would kind of explode randomly?

Ive attached a quick patch which should make things clearer!


mess up spreads.v4p (5.4 kB)

Well, to Random Shufle your spreads, check The West Tricks.

mess up spreads2.v4p (16.4 kB)

Ah ha!
I see what you did with the patch there, I’ve never came across the input morph yet. I’ve added another patch cable from the linear filter to the second input morph switch to give an even more random spread.
I like the shuffle module too which i have been playing with, this is a great starting point, thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

Another day, another Node!



patch cable = connection, another day, another word ;)

Forgot that connection hehe, and there are many more ways to produce this kind off stuff.

Good luck m8!

connection = link