Random weird display bug

Often when I boot up VVVV the GUI is all screwed up. Hard to describe, but see the image…

See those ‘IO’ boxes, and huge shadows behind nodes… and the fact that the nodes are all HUGE compared to normal… double-size it seems.

I am running Win8.1 via Bootcamp on a brand new MacBook Pro. The only way I have found around this is to rename the vvvv program directory, and then re-run setup.exe, and then run my patch again and it’s fine.

Or at least it was fine a few times, now it’s stuck like this and everytime I run my patch it comes out weird like this (and unusable) no matter what I do.

I think it might be related to this thread:

Thanks. Anyone have a workaround?

As it is I can do nothing with vvvv. Even the root patch is messed up.

resize patch window

Tried it, doesn’t help…

which version are you using?

ctrl+mouse scroll ? is it working ?

ctrl+mouse scroll - I’m not sure what that is supposed to do but it just scrolls the patch as normal

Things are running but it’s hard to edit… the boxes are all covering each other. Might it have to do with retina display? Some elements drawn at wrong sizes?

I have the same problem with two versions:

  • vvvv_45beta32.1 (64bit)
  • vvvv_45beta27.2 (32bit)

select all and move one pixel

if resize did’t worked means u have some underhood troubles…

I think your problem is related to https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/11220. But the problem should be fixed for betas >31.2.

Try starting vvvv with the bat file attached Windows 8.x issues.

OK, I’m up & running. Thanks all.

Full report, for the curious / similarly afflicted:

  • I booted the laptop while using an external monitor, a non-retina screen. The displays were mirrored, and so the retina was downsized to match the ext monitor. Launched the patch - to my surprise everything worked fine, no display bug

  • Then I unplugged the external monitor, causing the retina display to go back to full pixel density. The patch was still running, no display bug, though now much smaller and harder to read

  • I restarted the laptop, still with ext monitor unplugged, back into Windows, and started up the patch. Display bug was back just as bad as before

  • I downloaded the bat file as suggested by bjoern, and edited it’s contents to point to my copy of vvvv.exe - I then opened the patch and great, no display bug

  • Subsequently I don’t have to use the bat file any more. I can launch the patch directly by double-clicking and everything looks great. The patch size is doubled-up as you would expect so that it’s not too tiny on the retina display

I can also plug in the external monitor and have had no more problems there either.

Thanks bjoern!