Random sentences generator

Hi guys, i need your help with my project of random sentence generator. What is my idea about? I will have to 4 sets of words (verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions). I want to (on bang) random select one word from one set, one word from another set etc and create sentences. I have problems to define the set of words. I think that one way is to assign to every word to special number and then generate numbers. But i have no idea how to do it in vvvv … im beginner. THANX FOR YOUR HELP.


Well, next time post a patch to show how far you have gotten, so we know how to help you better. I mean, we must know your vvvv-level a bit before just shouting random nodes.

But you make a list off words in the IObox (string). You also need a random (value), you trigger this with the Bang. Set the scale to something very high. Than use a Getslice (string) to get a random slice (one word) from the list. Repeat this 4 times one time for ever set of words, but you can use the same bang.

And than you use the + (string) to add the 4 words together to one string. Use herr inspector to change the input count and use a “SpaceBar” for the intersperse string.

Randomsentence.v4p (12.2 kB)

… man you make me extremely happy, THANK YOU. I just finished my “RANDOM SENTENCE” patch. Your patch bring the light to my vvvv skills … and i adapt it to my idea. Please check it … if you have time. I´m sure that is the simpler way to do it … so if you have time try it … i´m sure that for you is it only few minutes job.


btw …here is the video (with my own music)


Wow, I thought I wasted my time helping you there, but I was wrong.
Looks okay, the result is cool, think you nailed it :)

Quick tip: You can use Herr Inspector, on the Group (Ex9) nodes you made, and change the “Template Layer Count” pin, to get more layer inputs, so you can connect all you layers to 1 group node, just more handy that way.

whaw, it works like that? … thanx for now. … and thanx for a comment on youtube.

hi kostistlac,
your patch mutated when I quickly joined it with my trashy idea of a remote presentation robot that was floating around in my folder.
I excuse myself by saying: this is how you do post-fx and speech synthesis

automatic sentences speech synthesis.rar (8.2 kB)