Random freezes


i have a 5 screen setup 4 in an eyfinity groupt (all the same hd displays connected via 4 displayport->vga adapters) and one old lcd screen for controll.
on the eyefinity group there is a renderer (fullscreen) playing videos and stuff.
i get very odd freezes on that screen (the image gets stuck showing 2 or 3 frames back and forth, also theperf meter gets stuck) . thats all. Vvvv windows and even the renderer are running fine (exept the freezed image). i can solve the problem by exiting fullscreen mode on the renderer (it stays black then).
but -and here come the strange part- if i move the renderer to my controll monitor the images comes back on the renderer. if i then move it back to the eyefnity group,it is working again.
again BUT i have to set the fullscreen resoltution to something fitting to my eyefinity group first, otherwise i get 4 mirrored renderers on each screen.
any ideas ? is this a common eyefinity problem ?

open a tty and when that freeze happens see if there is a message that might hint at a problem.

hi joreg thanks for the. i forgot to mention that i have a tty open. it does not show anything when the freeze happens. is that pointing towards a graphic card driver issue ?

hm…no but now it will be difficult to identify the problem. are you using any nodes except the native ones and the ones from the addonpack? anything exotic?

not realy,
except of this one
but its more a patch than an accutall node.
im using the /dx9ex (cant remember and the /allowmultiple
i have arround 8 shared textures right now.
im also switching textures via setnode.
i also have some of osc send/recieves between the instances.

there is nothing special otherwise, also the problem seems to occur compledely independent of what i do, or what i did before, it also freezes while ideling.

it seems like not using fullscreen (via alt+enter)
but just hiding window borders crtl+8 prevents the renderer from freezing.
this is better than nothing.
but now i can position and adjust the renderer only by dragging with my mouse,
because the hwnd->window nodes dont work for me.
if u set the with to 2 (wich seems to be the maximm) the renderer is only as wide as one screen but not as wide as the whole eyefinity setup.
still a strange issue

hm…and can you try to run the whole thing without texture-sharing? just to see if that is the issue? maybe just run it without /dx9ex and see if you still get the freezes?

not sure what you mean by this…

hey thanks for the reply,
i did not mean setnode but createnode, sorry.
doing it without texture-sharing will be difficult, but i will try it.

I recognized, that if the rendere is in fullscreen on the eyefinity display and i change the fullscreeen resolution in the renderer node, the vvvv windows beginn to flicker i cant click on in anymore and have to exit fullscreen via alt+return.

my solution now (just avoiding fullscreen) works ok, but it would be nice to be able to adjust the postition and scale of the windowed renderer.
I tried to use HWND->WINDOW but i cant adjust the width correctly. 2 is maximum and it is only as wide as one screen, is there any workaround for that ?
greetings and thanks in advance

this would be just for debugging. remove all texture-sharing and run the patch. if it stops freezing your problem may be related to texture-sharing, if it still freezes you can start looking elsewhere.

are you also using latest drivers for your graphicscard?

well there i’d recommend just setting the desired resolution before switching to fullscreen.

regarding max window-size of 2 with Window (Windows) please try latest alpha where i removed that restriction.

Something that we’ve tried when we’ve had issues with video is to run the video through a quad->renderer->dxtexture rather then straight from the dxtexture, this can help, the problem this solved was a video not playing at all, rather than freezing, and its obviously not ideal, but worth trying as a work around!

or use Player(ex9texture)?


i tried it without texture sharing, and it did not freeze.
but i also did a lot of other changes, one of them was using only player(ex9texture) for playing videos (they are all jpg sequences now)
but there where also some other minor changes. and it seems like it is working now also with texture sharing.

if i dont use shared textures i run into problems when i use writer (nrt) because i cant run it with multiple vvvv instances anymore (without) texture sharing.

since the error occured randomly (somtimes after some seconds sometimes after over 40 minutes) i will never realy be able to say for sure, but it is running for hours now.

threre is no way to say for sure whats going on, right ?

joreg i am sorry, but i did not find time to test your alpha built yet. i hope that i will in the comming days. as far as i can remember i could increase the width on the window node over 2 but it did not change anything above 2

@@xxxlalala: Try DDS instead of JPG for image sequences, since they aren’t nearly as hardware hungry… and they support alpha channels ;)
Downside is filesize since DDS is lossless and therfore pretty huge.