Random framerate drops (Windows 8.1)

Hello People,
didn´t find an appropriate thread for this. Should this be an unnessecary thread, please excuse me.

I´m on Windows 8.1 and sometimes vvvv does ridiculous things. Now ímagine you´re using on a patch and you insert a node that uses alot of performance in CTRL-F9. You see the FPS drop from 25 to 8. Now logicly you remove the node causing the trouble. Unfortunately the framerate remains extremely low, even though i deleted the nodes responsible.

Even after a restart things don´t change. This destroyed many of my recent patches and it´s such a pain to deal with.

Am i just very stupid? Or is it anything about my Computer? I´m using a Phenom II 1090T OCed with a Radeon HD7970 and 8GB of nice RAM. So it´s not bad at all.

Any thoughts?

hei discord,

from your description it is hard to smell an actual problem. you’ll have to take the time and find a reproducible case before we can help you there.