Random char

Hi guys,
is there some adequate and easier way to make a random char spread out of 4 chars?
random char.vl (17.0 KB)

hey 873hz,

welcome here! check out the Randomizer node!

Thank you,
but I can’t find Randomizer node in vvvv gamma.
I am interested in some elegant way or technique of loop using.

which version of gamma are you using? the node is present on 2020.1 - 0040.


why bother doing it by hand since you have a node that does that? if you’re curious and wanna know how it’s done, you can check how it’s implemented by going inside the Randomizer node (right clic / open).

I have used 2019.2.0-0321 version but with your help I moved to the current one.
Than you a lot!

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