Radiobutton multitouch multiflipflop and slice indexing problem

hey i have a problem with multitouch radio buttons.

the issues is the following:

Basically the buttons are very dynamic.

Users can add elements that have different count of radiobuttons and remove them again.

I use multiflipflop and hittest for example.

If I add element0 and element1, each have 3 buttons to make it easy.
I press button2 at element0 and button0 at element1.
multiflipflop gives [2, 0](2, 0)
if i remove element0 the last index gets removed, which is in this case the wrong one. the remaining elemnt1 changes its button to 2…

The problem gets even more hard to approach the more elements with different button count i add.

Because the slice count gets calculated from the transform going into hittest there is for me no known way to check which element is removed.

Did you encounter that problem already and how did you solve it?

or any other idea then multiflipflop?

any guess is welcome

self answer for the archive, maybe you want to add to addons:

have to work with fixed transform spread count. then a get/set spread/slice mayham and togglebutton and then it works

that was a hard nut i feel free now

RadioButton (Multitouch Dynamic).v4p (30.7 kB)