Radio button multitouch

hi all

i try to use the radio button with a windows touch panel but it is not working. buttons recognize mouse over but no press. any idear how i could change the mouse input tu tuio/ osc or windows touch?

attached my recent version



RadioButton.v4p (17.5 kB)

Hey Christian,

try Hittest node instead of radio button…

and Touch (Devices Windows) node is pretty nice and straightforward to use.

Could this be the same problem as I had?

Use Touch (Devices Windows) in stead of a mouse.

hi westbam,

i am shure its the same ;)

but how can i use touch instead mouse if the radio button is waiting for mouse connection?

thx and greetz


Perhaps use the MouseStates (Mouse Join) to convert the Touch (Devices Windows) back to a mouse? My Tablet is at home, can’t test it.

ok…will try…

i am not at home…and have just my ios with me…will test as soon i can!

thx and greetz