R - node names

please a new feature:

middle click on a R - node converts the “receive string” into the “descriptive name”

thank you.

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come on, guys, having red R nodes and have no idea what to recieve this is exactly what we love in vvvv

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@bo: i laughed


Thought of having S+R Nodes be treated more like IO Boxes as well.

Clicking on an Output-Pin and creating the IO Box with middle click would let me choose an S-Node from the context menu as well. Sendstring could automatically be converted to the connected Pin’s name … doesn’t always make sense for standard Pin Namings, but nice for Modules.
Another Middle Click would change the S-Node’s descriptive name to the sendstring/Output-Pin-Name as well, just like hrovac said.

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actually it could be quite timesaving to also have some standard way of determining the last successfully received channel name without having to take precautions such as the proposed feature, but yeah obvious +1!

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do you know kalle? :)