R node is opeining randomly on NIL?

hum… i m using R node ( value or string) on a patch, thinking to have a sort of clear patch, visible, simple, etc…

but this is the fourth time ( not on same pacth) that on opening the patch done the day before, one or some R node have no more name of global variable to recieve…

any idea on how to fix it ? or nay suggestions ? ;-)

select the right reference and save again. that should fix it. this happens always with the first R node created. from my experience, when you have several S nodes and change the reference at the R node more than two times its also fixed.

if not, it might be the case, that not all S nodes are present…

the Selection on the ReceiveString-EnumPin of all R-nodes has to be changed at least once to create this pin in the XML.

thanks tonfilm, and thanks kalle !

so, what is all about:
1.creating my number of R nodes I need
2.edit with xml marker the names
3.close and reload

damned, this sounds same origin of bug as disappearance of patchs, am i right ?

no need to edit xml, just change the pin value at least once!

ok dok … merci ! ;-)

a good trick is to create a second ‘dummy’ S node to get al least the CHANCE of changing the R-nodes once.

if you only have one S-node your R-nodes only show up one ReceiveString, so there is nothing to change…

hum… i love global variables. So i have bundles of R and send nodes. they are powerfull and also interresting as subpatch technique ;-)

yes, they are lovely somehow.
but don’t make modules containing S-nodes.

and please support one of our oldest user wishlists