Quiz with few questions and keymatch


Hello, i´m in to vvvv since a few days and want to make a xmas quiz with vvvv to play with and learn.

Since now a came up with this patch!frage1.v4p (16.0 KB)

I check for 3 keys on the keyboard, play a sound and show an image with the question.

How should i continue?

I would love to create 5 or 6 questions.

Thanks in advance for help and replys.


frage1 (1).v4p (37.4 KB)


@third_paradise Thank you for your reply.

Realy cryptic ;-).

I woud like to create the questions as slides in Gimp without adding text es separate layer.
Would be nice to have three possible answers / options per each slide / question triggered with thre keys from the keyboard.

Thank you for any help and suggestions!

P.S. Some connections (links) between some nodes you used are grayed out. Why does this happens?