Queuing data in a spread to be sent over TCP

Hello, I’m trying to figure how to Cue a spread so the data is sent over one single connection which should be simple but i can’t figure it.

Currently i have a Spread of data going into a TCP node and a change node banging the DO send pin once each packet changes. What this does is create several connections on that one TCP node, so if i have a spread of 10 then i get 10 connections to the server.

What i am trying to do is only send the data which has changed and encue this so the data strings follow inn after the other. Can anyone help, I may be looking to close and missing the obvious! I’ve attached a quick patch to show whats happening.



TCP array (3.3 kB)

i recommend looking at the OSC decoder and encoder help patches :)
its most of the time better to use UDP to send data over a network if you have no specific reason for using TCP


but if you want specifically tcp i can propose sending one slice each frame or you add the strings together and unzip in receiver application.

but maybe more information about what you are doing could help as well…

tcp array_framewise.v4p (8.1 kB)

Hi Tekcor, thanks for the reply, i looked at zipping all the data together but the receiving hardware will not recognise this.
I did a similar thing to your patch sending each slice one after the other if there is a change in the data but i can only get it to scan through all of the spread.

Essentially the project is an interface between a lighting console and a piece of automation equipment, art net is received from lighting and then formatted into a message the hardware can understand, in that message is commands to trip 1 to 4 relays which trigger lights on a piece of scenery.

Sending a slice per frame is ultimately what i am trying to achieve but only for the packet data which has changed, I’ve attached a version of the patch which hopefully make more sense, or confusion :)

TCP Array.zip (15.4 kB)

hui okey what about this?

tcp array_framewise_queue.v4p (7.8 kB)

also for a general networking overview check:

yes, thats it, thank you, I’ve never used the CAR node before.

I owe you a beer or two if we end up in the same city one day.