Queueing trouble

Hi !
drawing on screen topic ?

i m wondering how to increment the size of my quad queued on each last frame, more and more the mouse button is on, without affecting / displacing the rest of the result …
anybody got a quick typ ( banging head ) ;-)

paint.zip (9.5 kB)

Just use the queue triggers you have and make a framedelay loop, make it reset when the mouse is released and it should work, only having some troubles for the first frame.

Another one, use the Heading node, to get the texture rotate in the correct direction. (right click is reset)

Paint Patch.zip (26.4 kB)

West ! thanks a lot !!!
many many thxs…
you helped me a lot to understand this basisi
Seen my error about queueing, i didn t take the option of creating a second simple queue node… i was trying to do use of a I node of size issued from counter ;-(
why to do simple when complicate is possible …

one other question: How to invert the global spread order ( first to last and last to first) ? ( iwill surely use blend mode…)

yours ;-)

Do you mean Reverse (Spreads) ?? (hope you can guess what it does)