Queue (Spreads Decay)

Hello forum,

I try to build a spread next to a queue, that holds constantly decreasing values corresponding to new values that are added to that queue. Hard to explain but if you constantly hit the Bang at the top of the attached patch you will quickly get the idea.

The reason is that I want to visualize every new value but want them to fade away in the order they appeared.

I spent hours and caffeine and now it kind of works. But isn’t there a more elegant way? Is there perhaps a node or module that “is made for this”?

g, d~

Decay Queue.v4p (12.5 kB)

didn´t have a look at your patch, but judging from the description this might be something similar.

Another approach based on your patch.

Decay Queue2.v4p (7.7 kB)

hello bjoern,

thank you for your reply!

the first suggestion is quite an interesting approach. but i would have to select and insert the lifetime-values into my “fixed-length”-spread. but then I would still have the huge performance overhead from the plugin.

no, when I think of it again my approach may be not too bad as it also makes it possible to add different spreadcounts to the queue (see patch attached) but it is a bit buggy, but i think this happens when the counter is overflowing.
will fix that, perhaps youll see that patch as a usermodule again.

also thank you for your approach but it is no help, you just skipped the shifting but that is important to let the new value stay at top of the spread.


Decay Queue Variable Slicecount.v4p (25.8 kB)