Hello friends,

I have this problem with Queue. I’ve added an oscillator to make more smooth the movement, but when the ‘do insert’ is off, the oscillated value changes to the actual Queue Value, making the shape less fluid. How can I avoid this? Maybe Queue-oscillator it’s not the best approach.


queueoscillator.v4p (9.3 kB)

I bring back this thread because I didn’t find a solution.

Now I see that if the spread count is bigger, the curve will end more abruptly.

I like the way you fixed the thickness with Bezierspread, going to use that one :)

Well, the thing is, you have only 30 points to form the Rope, and with no filters damping it, it just looks corner-like.

Making the queue bigger, also makes the shape bigger, so that is not a real solution. I was trying to find some solution to add/calculate some in between points using B-spline, but failed.

I assume you want this shape to move in a motion? Perhaps you can re-create it with some circulairspread, so you can increase the spreadcount, thus keeping the shape sharp.

MovingNike2.v4p (11.2 kB)

Thanks West, I see what you mean, the thing is, this would not be as flexible as the “undefined” values from the queue… I think it must be some way to calculate this with some animation/value node. maybe an attractor… i’m playing with attractor, getting really nice animation, but not fixing this.

Also, west, is it possible to spread the rope in various bin sizes, to get different individual ropes ?

Ok, I think it’s not possible right now


and (elektromeier comment)

Couldn’t stand I couldn’t fix this with B-spline, so here it is…

Only trouble is, when making this spreadable, you need an equal spreadcount from all you inputs (queues in this case).

queueoscillator3.v4p (50.4 kB)

West wins, flawless victory