Queue (EX9.Texture) running in reverse?

wondering if it’s possible

  1. to force the Queue (EX9.Texture) to insert the stored frames in reverse order
  2. at the different speed than 1 (correspondingly -1)

well the behaviour of a queue is well defined by inserting and removing its values in a FIFO (first in first out) order. what you suggest would be a stack, which inserts and removes its values in a LIFO (last in first out) order.
you could easily patch this behaviour with a GetSlice (Node) and a Reverse (Spreads).

what do you mean by different speed?

I mean - inserting spread of stored frames with different time interval (Zeitabstand), let’s say the Queue was stored with 30fps and i wish inserting frame rate 15 fps

i don’t exactly get what you mean, but i think you should try to enable the insert pin only every n-th frame. (well, in this case n=2 as it seems to me)

@Elias: where to add Reverse?https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/reverse.JPG

@m4d: thinking-what is the easyest way to get every frame switching on/off

is it possible this behaviour: to stop feeding the Queue at specific point of time (with keeping frames in buffer) and first after waiting - start with inserting stored frames?

Hi DiMiX,
Maybe this can help you,

hi lasal,
thank you so much. that’s really help me a lot.
i will try to built in the module reverse function and maybe speed option as well.
btw: i got a small IR LED from camera2000, but i think you cant really trust there web-announced specification, e.g. my LED supposed to reach 15m, but in practice it’s just 3-4m.
of course it’s also depends on my chip’s sensitivity
cheers, dimi

Hey DiMiX,
yep LED illumination is not cheap ;) , i had to use more than 800 IR LEDs divided in 3 lamps (1 hand made) at 6m distance to have a decent BG substraction in 24m2.


here is small module with ability to play recorded texture at the different speed (you can map the desire range inside, default -2 to 2) and reverse playback = negative speed value.
still to improve- ability playing and recording the same time.

credits by colorsound

TextureMemRecorder.zip (5.9 kB)