Question: stop & plan in TimelinerSA

Hi all,

i would like to use TimelinerSA to control slices’ transformations. i’ve 5 quads and want to control them dropping to the floor individually. it seems that timeliner is not spreaderable so i wonder if it could be done?


  1. there is no “rewind” action, so after “pause”, how can i rewind and play again?

  2. could the automata help in any way? any example of these two nodes working together?

thanks all!

move.v4p (19.3 kB)

read the automata part of the timeliner documentation

Activate it via the checkbox labeled A for Automata.

i attached an example with 3 states: each state has an OnEnd action, telling timeliner what to do when this state is reached.

first state: start - > play
second state: end - > pause
third state: goto -> start

just turn on the play toggle and you can rewind by banging the rewind bang.

timelineautomata.v4p (5.8 kB)

Thanks! it’s so easy if you know how.

However, if the timelinerSA is not spreadable, how can it be used in controlling slice?

for spreads: try hitting the ‘+’ button which shows up on the left hand side of the track when you roll your mouse over the main area of a track