Question: Search in Finder for S/R nodes with names with 2 words

Hello fellow vvvvers.

I have a question regarding the Finder. I have a very large patch with many S and R nodes. I am trying to search for a specific S node that has the name “translate y”.

Searching with < s translate finds all S or R nodes with translate in their name, which is 18 different nodes. (see image 1)

If I search with < s translate y it will find all S or R nodes with translate OR y in their name, which is loads (see image 2).

So I was wondering if there is a way to search for those names. I tried < s “translate y” but that doesnt work.

Is there a way to do some sort of AND for the names I am searching? Maybe someone came across it or the info is somewhere, but it doesn’t say anything in the tooltip in the finder search box.

Or maybe there is an even easier way to find a corresponding S or R node.


Hey, it didn’t attach the images. Ok, second try.

Oh man, ok image upload is definetly broken here. Im on Win7 with latest Chrome.

ps. yes, I pressed upload and it shows me the thumbnail once uploaded as usual. ;)

So here they are:

And did you click on insert?

@h99 hmm you’re right, I didn’t. Uups. Haven’t posted here in a while and this is the only forum I use where you have to select an image, upload the image and insert the image.

I think it should do some sort of default insert if you don’t press it or give you a warning. Oh well, my bad…

Now back to the question at hand: how can I search for more than one keyword?

I found that the “translate y” string is the actual name of the Send String - or at least is what I was able to test myself - and not the Descriptive Name, as happens for all other nodes.

Though, according to vvvv naming conventions, pins can have any name (but it’s better something like Pin Name), it seems that Finder looks for a node name, which should be something like these LinearSpread, AsXElement: CamelCase, in conclusion.

So I think that you should apply at least to the non-space part of conventions, but consider that CamelCase would improve readability (TranslateY), until devvvvs do something about this, if it is an issue from their point of view.

You may patch quickly something to delete those spaces in those pin names.

Hope this helps.

hm ja it seems we’ve not specified this anywhere but consider S/R channels like variable names and don’t use spaces for them. that should work then.

Thanks @h99)) and ((user:joreg.

I will consider those and start using the CamelCase convention for send strings from now on ;)

But this naming convention doesn’t directly influence the descriptive names, which I guess can be written as seperate words or they wouldn’t be very “descriptive”.

Using the “< l” prefix to search for descriptive names shows the same issue that search terms are automatically combined with OR and no way to use AND.

Could I therefore suggest adding that strings in “” are then searched for with AND, much like it works in Google.

Thanks :)