Question on DShow9

When working with DirectShow (FileStream, VideoOut, AsVideo) the video gets really unsure. Is skips; when changing parameters the video hangs or turns to black etc…

Mostly only rewiring or restarting the patch solves this. Is this normal?

mm. this is not intended.
AsVideo is in its first incarnation. this is a tricky topic. please be patient.

hi there

I haven’t been on the forum for a long time…
saw this thread and thought i’d jump in. I have just installed v4beta9 on pc and on laptop. installed directx9 drivers on both. the laptop is performing perfectly but the pc is not. the renderer does not show the quad in normal view. when i choose fullscreen though it IS visible.
what’s going on?


jos smolders

does the pc have an older graphic adapter? i fixed some issues with those for upcomming beta9.1

meanwhile you could try to create a Device (Auto) node, select it in an Inspektor and change “Vertex Processing Mode” to “Software”. if that helps beta9.1 will do that automatically for you.

thanks Joreg

perhaps I should update the Nvidia driver too?
I’ll try anyway…
and let you know if that fixed it.

didn’t work >:(
strangest thing is that the cursor now is invisible when hovering over the render window. only when I alt-enter to full screen, but it is unstable because active pixels in the background keep peeping through the layer.
the lamp cannot be controlled and it is not fully rendered.

Can I get it even weirder? sir, yes sir!

okay, full story! I have a double monitor system with a Geforce MX400. Latest nVidia drivers installed. There is to the left a lcd philips 170s and to the right an LG flatron 775T.
When I change resolution on Philips monitor to 800x600 and place the render window in th middle (so the left is on one monitor and the other half on the other) I can control the lamp on the right (the LG). The render window on the left side remains grey. Hey, this works the other way around as well!
I return to the 1024x768 mode. (both monitors)…(drums…) tadaaa!!! the render window works! Now, let’s very carefully move the window…FREEEEEEEZE

Joreg, is my graphic card too weak???


the thing with the renderwindow only working partly when in between two monitors is intentional. hardware acceleration works by monitor (when in dualview mode - not so when in span mode!). each window can only be accelerated on one monitor. you can disable clipping in the renderers options to see the output rendered on both monitors, but this will be slow!

the freeze is not intended though. ahm…yes the mx400 is not really a recent card. but as mentioned we’ve done some fixing for beta9.1. maybe that helps…

hmm, it’s almost my birthday: what card would you recommend (approx 150 euros) and fitting an oldfashioned motherboard (not pci express)?

and…mmm, the 9.1 version?
when is it due?

not sure if you still get them but atis 9600 should be cheap. anything with a higher number is better.

no idea what they cost now, but nvidias 6600 and up have pixelshader 3 support. if you can get one of those it should make you happy.

9.1 is in the making. as usual…hard to tell a date…

joreg, you’re a doll!