Question about VertexID in a Geom/Vertex shader (13.6 KB)

I’m trying to address individual Points in a geometry shader, but it seems to be indicies based not points.
With more complex geometry I have more than 3 x the number of indices, but I need to address each actual point only once, using SV_VertexId seems to return the indices not the point ID. With the more complex cases, i can address them but only by going to higher numbers than the points count, in this case the points are just missing from in the pointsprites shader (Have broken mine somehow)
Can I turn a mesh into a point list? What is the node for that?
In my complex case the mesh is going through a geom shader, that like the info node (particles pack to get the vertex count) return the number of indices not points.
SO I need the number of actual points to equal the ID i get inside the shader so I can scale each point size individually. (and show all the points which seems to be missing here)

As Readme mentioned on Riot,
Can’t access the file right now, but it sounds like you may be looking for the Topology node to change it to PointList
And indeed topology fixes it!

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