Question about sequence operations

Question about sequence operations[6]_0.png

I want to implement a serial operation as shown above
Its rules are as follows:

[0](0)-[2](2), [1](1)-[2](2),
[0](0)-[3](3), [1](1)-[3](3), [2](2)-[3](3)
[0](0)-[4](4), [1](1)-[4](4), [2](2)-[4](4), [3](3)-[5](5)
[0](0)-[5](5), [1](1)-[5](5), [2](2)-[5](5), [3](3)-[5](5), [4](4)-[5](5)

I looked the help Path “VectorSized Nodes” by @woei, feeling answer is to use one of the nodes to solve.But I Don’t understand very well, hoping to get help in forum, thank you[3]_0.png

that’s a job for the combinatorics nodes, easy to find in the node browser. there is combinations, variations and permutations. i think you need the Combinations node… feed in an I (Spread) with 0…5 and GetSlice your number spread with the output.

Thankyou Mr @tonfilm that’s what I looking for !!! :-D

ah, you don’t even need the I (Spread) in your case, just put in the values directly…