Quaternion type wishlist

should be easy to add: a tooltip for quaternions which shows the 4 components (just like with a Vector4).


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also, one might consider to have (0,0,0,1) as initial values for Quaternion (Join). This is the case for Quaternion (Join Vector4) and ought to be consistent.

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one more:
i quickly found the node to get euler angles from a quaternion (as it is called “ToEulerAngles”). finding the opposite node (i.e. converting Euler angles to a quaternion) was tough however. to me it seemed logical to search for something like “FromEulerAngles” or anything with Euler in the name but did not find anything. it was more by accident that I finally stumbled upon “Rotation (Vector3)” which takes PitchYawRoll as inputs.

I would suggest to rename this node to something less generic than “Rotation (Vector3)” or at least add some tags and a description (which it has not).


indeed. fixed for 2021.3


thanks for adding those.

one more remark: for the Rotation [3D.Quaternion] nodes it would be good to mention the order of rotation used in the description. like it is done for the “ToEulerAngles” node:


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