Quantize x,y values, using other spread as root?

Hi people,

i´m looking for a way to resample or exchange some x,y values in to other root spread (a circular spread for example), choosing the nearest points to this spread.
i´ve checked the kalle´s quantize (value) but it quantize the values into a cartesian grid.

any accurate way to do this?



sounds like plug to me… think you have do is evalute distance from each point of old spread to each point of new spread and then like move 2 closest dist…

the fact it’s not friendly solution specially if your spread is huuuge
hmmm need to check some archives think i had something for that…

This may help: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/5393.

edit: see patch

Passersby.v4p (20.3 kB)

Thanks bojern, it works great, but not with big spreads.
anyway thanks a lot people.


shouldn’t this be more precise?

Passers2.v4p (23.5 kB)

couldn’t resist to wrap this into a module:

Now there is SiftNearmost (2d)

Kalle, as allways you have the power.
thanks a lot.