Quadstripe with vertex colors

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Didn’t mean to post it immediately…

My question:

How do I ad vertex colors to the quadstripe. I’m a complete code noob, but I actually did make it work to ad dynamic 2d buffer containing width data and make it work. But with the color thing I’m clueless…

QuadStripe2dInst.fx (4.1 kB)

Did one more try and made it work, but an other problem surfaced.

The drawing order of the quadstripe goes from front to back. I know i can tackle this problem by reversing the data feed before it goes into the shader, but isn’t there a more elegant way of doing this?..

QuadStripeWidthColor.zip (18.4 kB)

Sorry,… red nodes.
Fixed it.

QuadStripeWidthColor (2).zip (19.9 kB)

Hi man, this kinda dx wierdo, i think only way will be to add a little z offset to each point… You also gonna need depth buffer working in the Renderer. And i fixed incorrect Cull for you

QuadStripeWidthColorZOffset.zip (19.2 kB)