Quads depth alpha

hello community,
how is it possible to have quads textured with alpha channel move in z-axis and get the ‘expected’ visibility ?
please correct me if i am wrong, but

  • translate on z axis doesnt update visibility according to distance with depthbuffer turned off
  • alpha channel of textures doesnt work with depthbuffer turned on
    thank you,

one of the joys of DirectX 9!

you use a depthbuffer and do a AlphaTest connected to the RenderState pin on the quads to get rid of the alpha but it doesn’t leave an amazingly clean result. You need to play with the width of the gradient of the alpha on the texture to get good results.

or you can change the order of rendering depending on the z-position of the quads. that works quite well without any artifacts and twiddeling, just a bit of spreadsorting.

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