Quad enabling and performances questions

i m asking my self about a simple question in vvvv gestion of ressources:

Quad disabled:
does a quad with a filetexture being disabled but grouped to renderer is consuming ressource or not ?
does an lfo rotating a group of quad all disabled but with png texture is consuming ressources ?

Quad enabled but Group disabled:
same question but with group disabled

i m not using a system of loading patch, but an enabling/disabling system.

i m hearing religiously your suggestions ;-)

the debug mode should help you to answer those questions…

hi kalle, thanks, i will explore it.
but in general talking, what would you do in my case , wich thing would you prefer ?

in general, i’d always do what kalle suggests first :P

in this case it appears that disabling the quad does not silence any connected nodes completely, while disabling the group flatlines the entire branch.

note that any texture loaded onto the quad remains in memory even when quad and/or group are disabled. handy preloading trick & vram pitfall rolled in one, there.

{CODE(ln=>1)}in general, i’d always do what kalle suggests first :P^

thanks dikki.
how are you handling handy preloading trick & vram pitfall rolled in one ?
I cant really make the createnode approach, as my patch are all blending to each one on 3/4 patchsminimum alltogether.

(religiously listening)

well, as long as you don’t run into any problems (aka out of video memory), there’s nothing to worry about… it generally only turns problematic with a big amount of rather large images.

in that case, you could unload textures by switching the FileTextures’ filename pin to nil (or similar); that would mean a bit of loading time (freeze!) next time you need the textures, though.

well, i dont have many hudge ressources, but as i m not using the createnode, what would you do to make vvvv load patches included in the main patch in a more slower speed when i open my root ?

i don’t think you can make it go any faster - loading takes some time, there’s no way around that (except with smaller patches & textures). but i would rather accept a long startup time than having hickups (from reloading) during the performance.

hi dikki. to be more precise i was asking myself if there was nothing to make a kind of sleep(10ms) on each opening patch, just to avoid those hickups

maybe the Dialogs-PlugIn of @vux is helpful here. it opens the windows file dialog without blocking vvvv.

ok and hi kalle! :-)
(is n t it boost you are using, you bad guy ?)
i m not clearly understandable:

i have a lot of subpatches containing a lot of textures on a lot of quad. everybody is opening at once.
so sometimes vvvv doesnt load properly textures. not often, but it may happens that i have to do a reload.
to avoid this, i would like that vvvv:
-opens 1st patch
wait 10ms
-opens 2nd subpacth
-wait 10ms
etc etc etc
to avoid confusing and tty messages…
is it a foolish idea ?

do you know ShellExecute (Windows) ?

karisticute.v4p (2.8 kB)

oups… thxs for this karistofull gift…
but definitively i m not at all clear …

i was talking in my thread about my rootpatch that contains many subpatch

so : i open normally my root patch, and when it opens, i would like to slow down the loading of all my subpatches present inside.

maybe this image will help you to understand that I M NOT OPENING CLOSING PATCHES

definitively Yours, kalle

root17juin_en_dmx_2009.06.17-23.55.43.jpg (84.2 kB)

and this is my tty.
unfortunatley there is in this subpatch ( peur) not so much quads. only 10. so i m suspecting that its saying i have a trouble of spreads due to the fact all my patches are open at once, and textures loaded on open.
thats why i m asking about a ’ timing beetween 2 load option '…

Clipboard01.jpg (107.6 kB)

vvvv not loading textures properly sounds a bit funky; you could try to ‘queue’ the loading of the textures (see attachment) and see if the problem persists. (maybe even introduce an offset for your subpatches, so they really load their textures one after another & never at the same time.)

slow_load.v4p (11.0 kB)

hi dikki. thanks. iwillmake a try tomorrow. today no error loading…