Quad connecting two points

Hey all,

I have something like a small Math problem. I want to connect two points with a texured Line. As Line itself cannot be textured I tried using a quad, transforming it with the_ points2vector_ as well as my own approach getting the math to work. Sadly without any luck regarding the rotation.
I even tried toLine (Transform) which skewed my quad

I tried using the rope Node too, which seemed to work at first but behaved somewhat strange when I tried to spread it ( I need MANY of these quads connecting each one start and one endpoint.

Last thing to mention is that I only need it to work in 2D…

Can you help me?

Rope is spreadable. Could be you had the resolution pin set to something other then 2. If you don’t post your patch we will never know :)

RopePoints.v4p (3.9 kB)

Thank you so much!! Setting the resolution to 2 did the trick :)

i once did this quadline module that also works with boxes, cylinders etc.