QT Alternative - Can't play .mov

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded QT Alternative from


and installed it

Now I can play .mov file using Win Media Player Classic,
But can’t play it in VvVv… (ver. 19)

Any Ideas??

thanks in advance


I found the following quote:

"Media Player Classic and ZoomPlayer are capable of playing QuickTime files by using the QuickTime framework that gets installed by QuickTime Alternative. Other players require DirectShow filters to be able to play QuickTime files.

If you want to play QuickTime files in Windows Media Player or another DirectShow based player, then it is recommended to install the K-Lite Codec Pack. That contains all the DirectShow filters that are required to play QuickTime files."

at: http://www.codecguide.com/about_qt.htm

I tried the K-lite codec pack (standard version), but didn’t work… either

Has anyone come across something similar??


helo panos,

as mentioned in the Codec FAQ vvvv needs a version of quicktime alternative