Q: transformatios, fractals, luminance

Hi I was wondering if you guys can help me,

Question 1. (this is my most improtant question)
I want to creat a spread the swirls outward. like a classic seashell shape. It seems
even when I use the translate on a group of slice being sent to a quad it seem
only affect the individual slice not group as a whole
for example:
I make a circular spread of say 100 slices I want the fisrt and last slice pulled in
opposite directions on the y axis. a twirling spiral up and down the y axis. think
of the shape of a spring, a seashell, or a tornado. Are there any samples to downlaod?

I noticed a lot of fractal and organic like shapes being posted here. Are there any other
samples like (arbitrary transform point) to found here?

I may have gotten an odler patch or perhaps a broken one but I was wondering
if the luminance of a a given texture can distort geometry, I just noticed a patch that
seemed relative

thank you so much in advance for your help and patience.


Q1 >> have you see in the new beta a folder dynamic mesh in the girlpower folder , it contains 2 exemples for dynamic mesh >> seashell and tornado !!

Q2 >> some organic mesh are from me , but its not fractal , no patch yet , coming soon , have a look at the dynamic mesh patch , and at the complex number patch , in the girl power folder,it´s the way to do some crazy mesh.

Q3 >> you have to use the pipet , to translate in value the luminance of a texture
and juste apply this value to the z of a grid , see the help file from the pipet and the grid
you just have to mix the 2 .
hope that answer help you ; )

I dont bielieve your right! I never downloaded version 9 how crazy is
that!?! I must be VVVVibing, lol.Seriously thanks for the information.
You guys are so helpful.Great work by the way.