Pure Data as VVVV sound engine?

Hi devvvvs and plugin wizzzz’s

Yesterday I spent some time talking vvvv and Pure Data, comparisong how you do this and that in PD and VVVV.

Since Audio in vvvv is rather limited I have some times used either ableton or max/msp to do audio processing and analysis and then control to and from vvvv.

After some time we realized that because of the license http://puredata.info/about/pdlicense/ it is possible to use Pure Data freely.

So I had the thought that what about using Pure Data as the audio engine in vvvv? There are probably lots of difficulties involved that I have no idea about so I am just throwing in the idea here and hope that someone will join in or perhaps even implement it.

I see 3 potential ways of using PD as a sound engine

  1. using OSC, that’s how it is currently working.

  2. as a plugin, run PD as a plugin, right click like you right click a code editor and patch in PD.

  3. complete integration, the PD nodes become nodes in vvvv and you have the PD nodes looking and feeling like regular vvvv nodes.

So what do you think about it?


check out libpd

i thought about it too

but it would be so much work i guess

as vvvv can load vst plugins, it might be more easy to go that way. http://crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/pdvst/ for example…

cool pdvst~~~