PS PATS - Pat Shearon pack

Hello vvagabounds.
Had found really nice pack of pixel shaders. Here
Black and White Effect
Space Colorization 256 Effect
Cartoon Effect
Caustic Effect
Noise Effect
Radial Blur
Ripple Effect
Scanline Effect

Big thanks to author Pat ‘Hawthorne’ Shearon!
Don’t have enough time to compose it to one shader.
Shaders might be bit rough will update them later.
If anyone want to update them, pls share them here.
put in effects/PS PATS

PS PATS.rar (283.7 kB)

Kalle repacked Pat’s Shearons Shader pack.
**All effects renamed from “Pat BW” to “PatBW”
**Added helpatches
**Space Colorization 256 Effect new name PatColorReduction

Pat Shearon (23.9 kB)

i have to explain:

shaders,modules containing a space in the nodename cause problems when you want to select them “mouse-only”. no problems though if you start typing “pat…” after nodecreation.

but the more i think i should have named them e.g. Pat_Ripple instead of PatRipple. this way they won’t mix e.g. with PatchAlias in the nodelist.

sorry mates, another update soon…

another time i want to request some system for subcategories of effects.
searching a shader via nodelist is meanwhile really painful!


download newest version: Pat Shearon (24.12 Kb)

this way sorted i really like it better:

it’s again a quick shot, anyway there is lots of things to improve within this shaders!

crazy kalle, putting everything in his v4 folder :)

not sure but i think i’ve seen something like a node browser in the sourceforge repository. i don’t know what it is, the dev’s won’t tell us…but maybe your prayers are heard.

for sure crazy!!!

but IMHO this way i have everything accessable.
you don’t believe how often even experienced old fellow users ask me via skype: “do you remember the name of that module/shader, that made thisorthat?”

mostly i can send them a zip within 30seconds…
mates, please confirm ;)

for that reason maybe not so crazy?

the dev’s won’t tell us

since 2 years they say “soon” :D

confirmed! thx kalle for helping ever so nicely.