could any one tell me the best/cheapest projector to buy for 3d mapping


i will tell
if you can tell me the best place on Earth to watch sunsets)))

i had good practice with benq. they are seems cheapest?

cheers Bo
the best place after the planet mercury is Canvey island essex england on the Thames estuary 40 miles from london -

with all respect, i disagree with you, gow
the best place for sunset is a secret roof in st.petersburg)

but, the same with projectors - you can not find simply’ the best.
all depends on many reasons. please have a look at How To Project On 3D Geometry or google around

I really like the two Optima projectors I recently bought. Best value for a 720p 3000 lumen short-throw projector IMO. The Casio LED projectors look intriguing, they ain’t cheap though.

BENQ are well if you work with 5000 lumens quality. Else i m usually asking for Sanyo video projectors. Some price to put inside, but NO HARDWARE problem, never.

you right about benq, but i disagree about sanyo.
couple years ago i had problems with sanyo plc-xt20 power supply units. even had to change them.

Ok thats great thanks to all - benq taking the lead i think…

yeah, get the sunset bit Bo ok - ive never seen the sun on canvey island i was lying really it always rains - will check out that link

cheers everyone

Hi ! never had any troubles with sanyo in 3000-5000 lumens range, and that would be really my suggestion because choice of the lenses and robustness, or Christies 5000 lumens ( wich is in fact sanyo )

I m working with 5 companies equipped by me or before me with Sanyo. Just see one trouble ONE time in 5 years of heavy touring.

for low-middle range projectors, i dont know . ;-)

about sun: egypt and pyramids at sunset, especially on a horse are something really beautifull

in terms of lenses you right)
my very best experience with 5000 lums is InFocus, but Sanyo is cheaper

nevermind) I was joking too.

I got an optoma EX762, it s an XGA projector with 4000 lumens and a very good contrast, it s cheap, i got it for about 750 euros with shipping, I highly advice Optoma, the only cointer back thing is that the upper side of the case is curve so it s not so easy to plase it upside down on a flat surface when it s standing somewhere high and needs to be flipped upside down

the optoma projectors i saw recently all had a 3/8" or 5/8" standard mount.

just take a
or an
to mount that device…

yep that s right BUT on my Optoma (ex762) which weights about 3.5 kgs the mount point is really away from the barycenter, that is you need to have a very strong tripode, and possibly some supporting plate to help stabilize the whole apparatus, otherwse it ll lean on one side.
ALSO the guys at Optoma had the brilliant idea of using 3mm mounting holes instead of the more common 4mm, that is a PITA cause you don t find so easily 3mm threaded bars in case you want to go for the 3 mounting points.
Apart from that, it s a great projector.