Projector for starter

Hi, I am just starting with vvvv but have some ideas and I require a projector. I don’t have one, could anyone suggest me a proper one for a beginner? Preferably a good quality but cheap hahaha the eternal struggle.

well if you dont need HD , Sanyo PLC-XU106 is definitively workable ( 4500 lumens) and wide opening ( 1:1.15 / 1:1.6 )

If your wallet doesn t like Sanyo pricing, have a look at the Optomas, you can get 4000 lumens for less than 1000 Euros

PLC-XU106 800 euros out of charges
PLC-WXV3800 1500 euros out of charges

second one allows WXGA+ ( 1440x900)

Karistouf, links ?

XU106 ->
updated + 100 euros in 2 months :-(

WXV3800 -> Sanyo local dealers, no wide opportunity easely touchable out of pro’s. I can send you my contact in France if you are interrested. And sorry, 1700 out of charges.

mmm i guess that

what a difference on price, I bet that if I try to buy from France i ll get redirected to the Spanish site.

EDIT: and I still think that

is a cheaper option with DLP and higher contrast

if you go on long lenses (1.60-1.92 :1 ), surely.
i had bad experience with first optomas VP to have come to the market in 2005 so i m definitively SANYO ( colors, contrast and long life material ) but those are personnal choices ;-)

This is probably in a much different range than what the others are suggesting but if you are looking for a VERY cheap and portable projector to test out some vvvv/mapping stuff with, the Acer K11 is pretty cool. You definitely won’t be doing any major installation/club nights with it but it is great for trying stuff out on a smaller scale and quickly hooking up to a laptop or iPad.

I love the hell out of mine. Will probably be buying a PLC-XU106 soon but the K11 is great for trying stuff out in hotel rooms when I am on the road (or watching hulu/netflix when they lock you out of the tv):

Ah ! Interresting acer. Especialy for nomade meetings! Weight and size ?
Be aware about xu106: 1024x768 and it can go interlaced until 1600x900. No 1440x900.

The weight and size of the Acer are extremely low. Think 4 decks of playing cards stacked 2x2 and about that weight. It also downsamples incredibly well and can be detected as anything up to a 1920x1080 display.

All in all it is an incredible little unit. Surprisingly bright for 200 lumens (strangely looks about the same as 1k projectors I have used), insane lamp life (up to 30,000 hours!) and really easy to hook up/tear down. I’d say the only drawbacks for me are that it doesn’t have a super short throw and that the onboard sound totally sucks and it has no audio out (really only an issue if you are driving it from hdmi and need audio).

And some macro-mapping with it if you weren’t convinced already:

Thanks for infos ;-)

ohhhh thanks! i hadn’t seen all the replies, i guess i was expecting some kind of alert or notification. i will definitely sit down and analyze the information calmly, but i really appreciate your help
thanks and i hope ill be able to share some projects with you in the future