Projector (EX9.Effect) - projects form the inner side

Kalle´s Projector (EX9.Effect) also projects on the inner sides of a mesh making it shine through as if the mesh were translucent… sometime using the fov is not enought because of irregular shapes, any work around?

see Cull (EX9.Renderstate)

I ve already tried with cull but it doesn t work

Actually if you see in your help patch you can see the earth texture showing in the lid, altough it shouldn t

aaah, now i got you.

the texture should NOT show on the lid because it is theoretical shadowed by the rim of the can.
if you increase the Far Plane even the knob of the lid doesn’t cause any shadowing.

yes, there are definitely some weak points, as this module just tries to wrap the …\girlpower( slide projector )\SLIDE.v4p into one easy useable module.
so feel free to modify the shadercode… :)

only Workarounds right now:
*make more subsets
*use Culling
*use “cheating” Transformations on other shaders to cover unwanted projection results

of course it would be better to optimize that contained Projector.fx which should be the same like …\girlpower( slide projector )\ProjectedTexture.fx
i’ m sorry that i can’t look into that right now.
Maybe someone else here has a version closer to physics/reality?

looking into some “hard-shadow” as a multiplication mask e.g. ?