Projector calibration method on 4v?


I am a computer vision programmer. I recently heard about vvvv from this site.

Many project that I worked were 3D computer vision interaction project.

Camera calibration, homography, structure from motion.


I want to implement the projector based 4v patch which is similar with

Until now, is there any projector and object calibration 4v patches?

The calibration means compute the rotation and translation matrix between specific world coordinates and projector
optical axis.

I think that is probably possible using fiducial marker like artoolkit.

But, I think no one didn’t do that. (To my knowledge)

Am I right?

ther is just a 2d homography to fit a rectangle. do you know an algorithm to calculate a 3d homography out of some markers of a 3d model?

2D planar object in real-world to 2D planar object in computer can be transformed using homography right?

However, how can I align a 3d cube in the real-world and 3d cube in the computer?

dont know of any solution, could not find an algorithm in the net, if you know one, please tell me!

only one i know called “tape measure” and trigonometry