Projectionmapping problem with photoshop and vvvv

dear community!

i have a big problem …

i used photoshop to generate a projection mapping. i used a projector on a complex 3d object, and painted in fullscreen mode (of photoshop) on it. very exact.

if i load the exported jpeg in vvvv, the image is a little bit smaller and i think the position is not the same.

what i saw is, that if i load my vvvv programm (renderer ex9 in fullscreen-mode), vvvv is changing the resolution of the vga graphic card and is not using the windows setting for resolution and timing - this could be the reason for the problem.

the program loads the jpg via filestream-node, the quad-node is configured with scale 2.0. all other parameters are untouched.

any ideas to solve the issue?

regards, thanks in advance for helping me.

if you see the inspector for the renderer has a fullscreen resolution setting.
maybe that fixes the issue?

never tried photoshop fullscreen to see any weirdness

What levi said. Select you renderer node and hit strg+i to open your inspektor. It has a drop-down menu for vvvv’s fullscreen resolution. By the way - if you only load a jpg you can use the file texture node instead of a filestream node - the latter seems a bit overkill for loading a static texture :)


The problem can also lie in the use of VGA.

I have experienced several difficulties with VGA, depending on the projector, cable and VGA port on the computer and even the content of the signal, the signal can move around quite a bit.
Make sure you can lock the signal in the projector.

If that doesn’t help, you can also try to make the background color non black, eg. making the background a very dark grey ( start from black and make it brighter until it behaves consistently), it is bad for the black level, at least around the edge of the projection, but it will not move around. note that in middle of the projection it can easily be black.

good luck

Ive had some issues like this with a projector going wild. It was trying to set up its own aspect ratio, zoom and focus on its own. Changing and finding these settings in the projector menue was hard and it never saved the settings after a longer restart.

If the other solutions wont help you this might be a good place for troubleshooting.

I know it seems like something obvious and stupid but since it reseted my fixed settings i couldnt get my head around it when it happened to me.

thank you! now its perfect! the solution was the setting of the renderer.

btw. i made the experience of different vga graphic cards too.