Projection on non-flat surface


I am trying to do a projection on a non - flat surface as seen in the image attached. What I have achived so far is using two homography nodes for the distortion.

Unfortunately, my surface has 6 vertical sections and as I start to add more homography nodes, it started to get confusing more then ever.

How can I make a multiple point editor for projecting ?
Added is the example surface I want to use, the gaps between the plates can be ignored as they are 150cm x 90 cm each with 1cm gaps.
And the patch I produced.

Thank you

double_homo.v4p (16.2 kB)

you need the node gridEditor, that will solve your problem

so if I get you correct,

I will create a grid
use gridEditor Node to edit the grid
use a quad to project my video on it as a texture
and use that quad as a texture on the grid ?

I did something like this, can anyone see it and comment if it works or not !
And there are 2 points I did not understand on the gridEditor Node:

InitspacingsU and InitSpacingsV, those two sounds like for adjusting the space between two control points but nothing changes on screen when I play with them.
Other than that, about
SubU, SubV and degreeU and degreeV. Are those on the node to smooth out stuff?
SubU and SubV adds smoothines between 2 points but I did not understand the degreeones as I can not see anything rotating.


PS: ControlU and V inputs have bugs from the sliders, I just realized I did double inputs. Erase them and use manual :)

proj_gridEditor.v4p (20.8 kB)

Anyone to check above patch and give me some feedback please ?