Projection of tension on real 3d object

Hello guys,
im totally new to vvvv, but while my study i often heard of the awesome tools and community. I have a little project running, but i did not find a fitting software for it. So i hope you can help me out a little bit. The project is about a dynamic projection mapping.
I would like to explain a usecase: i have a real 3d object, where i want to project the tension of this object on. For example a FEM mesh like this: Unbenannt
Then i want to insert the position and direction of the real 3d object and the projector. Then adjust the position and direction of the mesh to the real 3d object. Could anybody give me some hints how to do this?

(I already found this: VVVV.Packs.ProjectorSimulation | vvvv But it think this is not directly what i am looking for. He transforms the view frustum of the projector, renders a depth map and project it with some brightness changes on the objects. But how can i adjust the mesh, that i want in this solution? Sorry im totally noob, but i want to learn)

Thank you very much.

see: Dynamic Projection Mapping

the cheapest most acurate way how to do what you want nowadays is get vive and strap one vive tracker on the object you want to project onto

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