Projection Mapping using x file (or collada) mesh


This is a final year project in college. I planned on projecting visualisations onto a 3D shape on the wall (I would like to put it in a top corner of a room, realising now that might be crazy). The idea is to take bio sensor data and control aspects of the visualisation with it.

So far I have managed to get the data into VVVV using OSC no problem. VVVV is a steep learning curve but I thought I was making slow progress. This week I found out about meshs and I have made a 3-d shape using 3DS. Imported this fine, I also used Papakura to print out this 3-D on card and make a small version of it. My thinking was this would be the easiest way to project onto a physical shape, having the mesh and shape identical. Previous to this I had been making shapes by using vectors and inputting each one, a very slow and painful process.

When I went to project onto the shape, it was totally off, a little I could understand due to me making it out of card, but it was way off.

I’m very new to this, I’m impressed by VVVV but I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. I understand that the projector needs to be calibrated and I spent the day messing with this and cameras, getting no where though.

I’m hoping someone had advice about what route to take for this?
Make the shape full scale, take a photo and make a mesh within VVVV?
Make a mesh within VVVV using vectors? again, painful.
Keep going the way I am?

you can use calibrateprojector from image pack
with it you have to corespond 3d points from virtual space to 2d points in projector space, safe is >10 points, and it gets you a view&projection transform for the renderer

Sorry about this. I really am just starting out, so please don’t be too hard on me.
I checked out the image pack, but couldn’t follow the installing instructions.
Tried opening a few of the help files and I’m getting red nodes everywhere.

To install a pack:

  • create a folder named packs in the same folder as vvvv.exe, so that you have packs folder near to lib, girlpower, licenses, etc folders.
    **note that there must be only one packs folder, which will contain all packs, so if you already have a packs folder, jump to next step
  • inside packs folder create Image folder
  • inside Image folder unzip with 7zip the content of
    ** note that is for 32bit vvvv version
    This should make it.

Thanks so much for the replies guys.
I did a fresh install of vvvv last night (64bit) and got the opencv plugin pack, which has the calibrate projector patch. I was following Eliots projection mapping tutorial on youtube.
No red nodes this time, which was great. But unfortunately the mouse and keyboard nodes weren’t working properly so I couldn’t set any points on the mesh.
I will try the 32bit version today and see if it has any effect.

that video goes a longer way than you need. look at the input pins of calibrateprojector and re-read the second post