Projection Mapping on 3D rectangle sides

I would like to make a 3D rectangle using grideditor(EX9) and shoot the
movies on each side, as you can see on the picture that I attached below. Please help me to make this.

I have made a cube using grideditor(attached a file) but is there easier way to make it?

cubeteste__05.v4p (55.4 kB)

hello dultonawa,

you could achieve this in several different ways. for an easy 2d setup see the attached patch. (better yet: Joanie Lemerciers AntiVJ mapping toolkit)
for a 3d setup you should read up this really good tutorial)-and-definitely-check-out-((contribution:vvvv.tutorials.mapping.3d) by elliot woods.

homography_test.v4p (19.6 kB)

Thank you m4d:), but I have to use grideditor to make it, it is for homework:(