Projecting onto shapemorphing objects


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Slowly working myself into the substance. The World-Filter works very nicely. Now the Next Thing I try is a simple mask, using threshold. But it seems there is some texture-format problem. The threshold only affects half of the texture. Anybody knows what’s the reason for that.

Another weird behaviour is with the Playback-Node. It doesn’t Loop when the patch is hidden. (3.9 KB)


kinect world is 16bit i believe. you have to render to 8bit textire ( r8g8b8a8) with temptarget. set in inspector


@schlonzo Thanks for the hint. Changeing Format this way doesn’t work for me here.


@colorsound I just had a Look at your stuff. That’s pretty amazing! Whenever you’re looking for an intern, gimme a call :-)

I managed to get a clean sepration for my performer, but now I’m a little stuck. I’m justing the DX11.particles’ World-Filter to separate the Performer, which works pretty fine. They won’t be moving fast, and when they’re moving in Z-Axis, I will adjust that manualy. Since the background is all black, that will work fine, I guess.

Now I need to figure out, what would be the best part to turn that Kinect-Texture into a mesh


I played a bit with the packs Geometry-Node, but it’s not really giving me desired result. I would like to get a new object, which can apply it’s own texture to. If I apply a texture to the Geometry-Node the texture is being mapped to the whole World. I’m lacking a bit of words to describe what I want. Imagine the texture being glued to the corners. If one corner is moved, the texture moves accordingly. Like I could create the Illusion that something is painted on the fabric.


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I don’t think that it is easily possible. You can try get some cluster of points, get bounds of that cluster and project texture acording in bounds…

But much more straightforward way would be to calculate normals and do an effect based on position and normals (eg. light or distort)

If you still would want to warp texture you would needy quite some algorithms first cluster then find corners, then some sort of displacement extraction…


@antokhio Thanks mate, and Happy NY to you too.

Is there a way to get that texture into CVs Contour-Node? Then I might just Triangulate? Just can’t find a Converter from DX11 to CV-Image.

I’m sorry for my slowness. I don’t understand that. In order to calculate anything I would need to get the numbers. Is there a shader, that’s doing that?


I’m sorry for being slow, but I’m giving my best. I am almost able to get the Contour Coordinates with VL.OpenCV… but… I am back where I started. I am just not sending the best texture-format.

The WorldFilter is giving me R32G32B32A32_float. The Contour needs R8_Unorm. When converting, the blue parts of the image get lost:

I can’t find a shader which does that.


Well that’s because you need to preprocess picture first eg. filter and output only one color… the world texture not gonna work… you have to extract desired part out of it…


@antokhio that was the final hint I needed. Found a node called ColorChanelJoin, and it saved my day. Thanks!


@drehwurm Sorry i was not online last weeks. cool you already have it working ¡¡