Projecting and Mapping on Grids DX11

Hello Mappers,

I was asked to do the mapping for a theatre production. On the stage there is a big grid onto which there shall be projections mapped, as I rapidly sketched here.

The difficulty is, that the stage will be de- and reconstructed every other day, so the thechnical crew will have to adjust the projection every time. How would you approach that in DX11?

I was thinking of building the whole thing in a 3d-modeling program, import it to vvvv, and then letting the crew use point-editor every night to adjust it to the real stage. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a Point-Editor DX11. I was trying to get it done with screamers GridEditor (DX11) patch (forum:Projection Mapping DX11), but failed (see patch, you need instance-noodles-pack).

The other option, that comes to my mind, is to do it with lots of Grids, using the Grid-Editor (DX11). Here I would need way too may grid-editor nodes, or is that somhow spreadable? Getting points selected here doesn’t really work either, especially when resizing the renderer.

I’d be happy for every idea. I’m pretty stuck here.


Alex (25.9 kB)

why don’t u start with using beziergrid instead…
then u can project texcoords on that from virtual camera in the scene to have 3d effect…


I’m not quite sure, if I understand you. Do you suggest to use only one bezier-patch? What do you mean with projecting texcoordinates?

I’m sorry… I’m slow ;)



Do you suggest to use only one bezier-patch?
you gonna need more then one, however u can match the points so u will have something like box of bezier grids…
as for texcoords projection try that… projector-(ex9.effect)

hey antokhio,

I start getting the concept. Just to make sure, I understand you:

When I use a bezier-patch for the back-wall of the grid, for example, I set it up to have one control point for each line-connection of the real grid. So I end up with 7x3 Control Points.

For the Tech Crew to set it up, I simply use a filetexture that also displays a 7x3 grid. They adjust the bezier-patch to the real grid by orienting themselves by the texture.

And then? When I use a Projection-Node how could I selectivly projcet just onto a little part of the grid, let’s say the middle row, or just one line?



shaders, shaders, shaders
makin 7x3 grid bit bad idea… ur perfect match gonna be 2x2 or 2x3
more points = more troubles

u can do that by using alpha mask technique
there is mix effect with Controll texture

basically u can take ur net texture and do same grid in anothere 2d renderer with quads or something… then feed it to control